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Chained-2-Christ 2003!
The Vision


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To be implemented December 31, 2002, at 11PM your time.

Imagine ministries and people all over the world gathered together for 24 hours of service to God.  Some are praying, some fasting, some ministering, some praising, some prophesying, or doing whatever that can be done to glorify God; all serving God in a continual chain of events.  Here is the vision of how it can be done.


When it strikes midnight here in the Eastern Time Zone, it is still 11 pm in the Central Time Zone.  From 11 pm until midnight, ministries and individuals were praying in the Eastern Time Zone, and at 11pm Central Time, they began to pray as the Eastern Time Zone ended.  When the Central Time Zone is complete at midnight, Mountain Time Zone begins at 11pm.  When Mountain is complete, Pacific Time Zone beginsand so on, and so on, and so on.  This of course, would begin when the first time zone strikes 11PM at GMT+12, and would continue around the world until the last time zone strikes midnight, and we together bring in the New Year serving God.


"Yeah, but most churches are already having service that night anyway, so whats the big deal?"  True, most ministries are already going to have service that night, but with the prayer chain, we can bridge the gap across the seas and across the lands, whereas we are serving God on one accord.  We are all praying for the same thing, we are all praising God for the same purpose, for 24 hours straight as we bring in the New Year.   Each ministry or individual will be assigned a block of time, no less than 10 minutes.  And for those 10 minutes or more, they will pray.  While they end their prayer, someone else, somewhere else will begin to pray. 


And on this site you can visit Mission Control, where you can see the growth progress and collaborate with others around the world who are participating.  There is also a guestbook in which you can post specific prayer needs and to post testimonies of what the results were in your life, so that we can show the world the power of effective prayer in unity.  Interested?  Please continue to the next page for more information.


Children of God, we can do this!!!