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God's Grace Ministries
Survival Series: Surviving the Storms of Life
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Trials bring possessiveness through optimism and faith, making us better and stronger Christians.

"Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."  James Ch.1:2,3  


Lets take a good look at this scripture a little closely.   It is telling us that we should remain joyous throughout our trials, because our trials are not meant to take us down, but rather take us higher.  "Are you serious?  How in the world can we remain joyous when the bills roll in when we have no money?  How can I smile when I am down and out?"  Well believe it or not its true; there is no way in the world that is possible.  However, there is a way in the WORD that makes it possible.  God is the Word.  A good example is the tree.   A tree grows setting its roots in a strong foundation.  When the winds begin to blow, the tree sways, but never falls. The harder the wind blows; if the tree remains standing it gets stronger.  Just as a tree that is in my parents backyard.  It has been there for well over 20 years.  Hurricane Andrew was clocked at wind gusts as high as 220mph, yet, it remains standing.  It has been through other Hurricanes, Betsy, David, as well as many close calls, tropical storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes, making it so strong that not even Andrew could make it fall.      Saints, we must be like this tree.  Trials are meant to make us better Christians, not bitter Christians.  It is said that it is only human to sway, but we should have our mind and spirit convinced that we will not fall.  Jude 1:24 starts, "Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling", therefore God can keep us from falling.


These scriptures in St. James tell us that trials produces endurance, and through endurance are we made complete.  In other words, there is something to be learned from every trial, and there is strength gained when we endure it with joy.  Think of each trial as being taken to the Potters house.  We are marred by the storms of life, yet if we endure, we are made again so that we are made a better vessel.  Now imagine this if you will.  If we endure one trial, we are made a better vessel.  Now that we are a better vessel, we are taken through another trial.  Marred, we are taken back to the Potters house, and made into a better vessel once again.  At this point, we are made twice as better as the first time we came in. 


So when you give your life, surrendering to the Will of God, keeping His commandments, obeying His laws, and walk in His statutes, we are immediately taken into the Potters House, weary, wounded, and sad.  We are then made into a new creature, a new vessel by God Himself, as stated in Jeremiah 18:6 "O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel."  Once our faith makes us new believers, we are then taken through the trials and tribulations of life.  When there is a weakness in us (the vessel) that leaves us marred, and we endure that trial, we are taken to be remade to make the mar more appealing and stronger.  Pretty soon, all the weak areas of the vessel are exposed and redone through endurance, making us better and stronger Christians. 


Which brings me to the closing as stated in the scripture, "And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."  When weve "gone through", when we have endured, it is a perfection process that God is putting us through.  Yes, God allows trials to happen to Christians.  Yes, God allows satan to tempt us, but only in correction, perfection, and the test of our faith in Him. Deuteronomy 4:30 says, "When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the LORD thy God, and shalt be obedient unto his voice;"  This is what it is all about.  How do we remain joyous through trials?  Turn to God while we are going through them. This is all He wants; us to be steadfast and un-movable in our faith, prayer, and praise of His Holy Name.  He doesnt want us to come to Him just because we are in trouble, but to come to Him when we are not in trouble as well.  That is what surrendering all is about, taking those big things to Him, as well as those little things, because we never know when those little molehills can amount to a great mountain.  But as long as our focus is upon the Lord at all times, whether mountain or molehill, God will keep us joyous. 


            Remember saints, it is not about our will, it is about His will.  Should His will be done, we have nothing to fear.  And yea though we walk in the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil, for He is with us.  His rod and His staff they comfort us.  He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies.  He anoints our head with oil and our cup runs over.  Surely goodness and mercy will follow us, and we shall dwell in the House of the Lord, forever.  And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.  Amen.


This piece written by Kelvin Pendleton, copyright Jan.1998.  All rights strictly prohibited.   Author grants no rights for reuse for profit without permission granted.  This material can be used for personal purposes as long as material is not bought nor sold.

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