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SHM Application

Shepherd's Heart Ministries

a ministry of

God's Grace Ministries, Inc.




What you need to know in order to become a part of this ministry.


Submit a copy of ordination certificate, license, or letter indicating that you are in the process of being trained for license or ordination into the gospel ministry.


Submit a ministry resume which outlines your ministry training and experience, including things you have done on your own.


Submit an essay which outlines beliefs, vision, and goals in ministry.  Also indicate what has been revealed to you as to who God has called you to be.


Must complete the Live the Standard of your Calling package and strive to live the lifestyle of 1st Timothy 3:1-7 for Clergy and 1st Timothy 3:8-13 for Deacons.


Copy of at least 2 items from the following list:

  • Taped message (audio or video)
  • Written out or typed sermon
  • Sermon outline
  • Letter from ministry leader which indicates any classes or ministries you are involved in which requires you to teach.
  • Letter of recommendation from a character reference.


Upon the approval of your registration into the Shepherds Heart Ministry, you must complete the Christian Leadership and the Ministry Basics classes.  You have the option of attending a class or completing a correspondence course if you are unable to attend a class. 


If you are a member or a part of God's Grace Ministries you will also be required to study the orientation package to become familiar with the beliefs, structure, and vision of G2M.  If all of the above has been completed, and you are not a licensed clergy, you will have the option of obtaining a ministry license from Gods Grace Ministries upon approval from the Executive Committee.



In Christ,



Apostle Kelvin Pendleton

Executive Director



Please complete this form and return it with the required materials listed on the cover page.

Biographical Information



Title (Rev., Min., Elder., Deacon., etc.):





Home Phone:

2nd Contact Number:

Cell Phone:


Website Address  http://

Email Address:

Ministry Affiliation

Ministry Name:

Name of Pastor/President:






Ministrys Website Address  http://

Email Address:

Ministry and Personal Experience

Number of years youve been active in ministry:

Licensed? q                       Ordained? q                                   In Training? q

Have you attended college? Yes qNoq

If yes, please indicate school name and degree/diploma received:







Do you believe that Jesus Christ took on our nature, lived sin free, died for the atonement of our sins, and was raised by God on the third day?  And that no man can enter into heaven except he is born again and enter in through Jesus Christ, our only Savior? Yes qNoq


Please list any additional information you would like to provide on a separate sheet of paper.





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Signature                                                    Date                               Approval Signature from Gods Grace Ministries      Date