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God's Grace Ministries
Finishing Your Race
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A sermon submitted by Rev. Gabriel Ouma



ACTS 20:24


This passage relates an important principal in every aspect of our lives especially the Christian life. In the book of proverbs the bible clearly states that better is the end of everything than the beginning.


According to Acts 20:24\, Paul is telling us that But life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus- the work of telling others the Good news about Gods mighty kindness and love (LNT). For us to have a meaningful life then there is need to set goals and be purposeful. This will eventually call for responsibility which is a twice we must pay to become great. For greatness doesnt come by chance or luck we must prepare for it.


What we do with our time is very important factor that will determine whether or not we will achieve what God called us for. We are to be ambitious for God. These will require us to run away from people or things that steals/waste our time for things/people that are not profitable to our future and us.


Many are times whereby things may look quite un-pleasing, but bearing in mind that we are living for a course and if it means dying that there is something to die for if we finish our race then we should not leave or allow our environment to determine what we shall be. I mean to say that Dont let your problems in life to take you anywhere. You can make things to happen. Command your environment to obey your destiny. Remember also that it was the partial obedience of trying to please both God and man that disqualified king Saul from his throne in Israel. On the side we see in the bible Abrahams obedience to the God made him unpopular with people for leaving his country, his people and his family to go to the land the Lord was to show him and the readiness to sacrifice his only son that Abraham and the title the friend of God


By knowing what this life means to us to doing what has been assigned to us will see nothing will blind our eyes to the glorious future that a wait us. instead of breaking down because of what we going through by our looking at it, we should always experience breakthrough of the hope we have in Christ Jesus in our lives.


Elijah, Enoch and Paul finished their course. For Elijah and Enoch this led to their being taken away without undergoing through death. Paul says in Phil 3:7-9 counting it all loss for the sake of gaining Christ. What previously seemed to be a gain is now dirt (filth) to him. The goal being to know Christ and be find in Him.


The challenging word in life is to finish our race in this life. We can do so by willing to follow the ways of God after knowing the race before us. Victory in the Christian life is not a result of our resources, our strength, contact, our talents, our wealth not even from simple determination or self effort but by fierce determination to accomplish our task no matter what obstacles gets in our way by relying upon God who is our source of power to finish the race.


If we are to desire to finish our races before us smartly, than alongside with just as we delighting to be willing and obedient so as to achieve what is meant for us by preparing for it and celebrate it today for God does not make failures. The only one that can fail us is we our selves. He is always absolutely in control.


Lets us not limit ourselves from finishing our races no wonder people are skeptical of what God can do- Not by might nor strength but my spirit says God of host Zachariah 4:6 Amen. 


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