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God's Grace Ministries
Sermon Notes
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Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

The Samaritan Principle - An important message for leaders, ministries, and churches.

The True Prosperity of Ministry
I believe that if we step things up for God, He will also step things up for us.  So if I can share any one thing with you, it would be to charge your ministry with stepping up and being more committed in 2003.  I pray that after studying all parts of the series, that God will minister to you for you to learn how to increase your service for this year, whereas it becomes a standard to always work to raise your standards until Christ returns.
Preface - A brief Introduction to the Series
Word Study - Studies to help throughout the series

Part 1 - Working together in ministry

Part 2 - Everyone benefits when the work is done

Part 3 - Understanding the results of the seed you plant

Part 4 - Increasing your service to increase your results in God

Part 5 - Understanding the fruit of God's field

Survival Series
Face it, we're living in a wicked and evil generation and it's a jungle out there.  We must know how to survive so that we can endure the things that happen around us, so that we can be ready when Jesus comes.
Survival Series: Surviving the Storms of Life - This lesson is for those who need encouragement of how to endure trials and tribulations. We must understand that faith in the midst of our problems will bring positive results in our lives, and if we endure we shall be strengthened in the end.  Hang in there my friend!
Survival Series: Hold On - This message is to remind us all of the promises God has made to us.  We all go through trials, tribulations, and tests.  But we must understand that if we endure, it brings forth positive results.  Not just here on earth, but in heaven as well.  This is an outline only.

Relationship Series
True Love - You can only understand what true love is for another, when you can understand the love of Christ.
Religion vs. Relationship - We must understand the difference between following a religion and engaging in a relationship with Christ.
Being Married and Single at the Same time -  We must stay strong and encouraged while we are single.  This is a message that all who are not married should read.

Exceprts from epistles sent to God's Grace Fellowships
2004; devil, no more! - From a letter sent 3/9/2004
Faith-Act on What You Believe In - From a letter sent 7/8/2003
Turing Towards the Light - From a letter sent 5/26/2003
Word Study on Prayer of Jabez - From a letter sent 5/26/2003
Who's In Your Boat? - From a letter sent 3/25/2003
Peace in Troubled Times - From a letter sent 2/28/2003

Submissions from International Ministries
Finishing Your Race - A message submitted by Rev. Gabriel Ouma of Present Truth Ministries, Eldoret Kenya.
Christian, Think About It - A message submitted by Pastor Alan Asang of Church Triumphant Ministries, Tangum City, Philippines.