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The Body

If you would like to become a part of the Shepherd's Heart Ministry, you must first complete and application.  You can request an application at .  The ministry is designed for the training and fellowship of church leaders.  If you are a Minister, Evangelist, Pastor, Prophet, Deacon, etc., then you qualify to become a part of the ministry, regardless if you are a member of God's Grace Ministries or not, such as long as you believe in Christ and understand that you are called by God.


The information that is compiled from you while you are being trained will help you in your individual ministry and walk with God.  Also, should other ministries search for a speaker or a ministry leader, they would have access to learning about you and the Shepherd's Heart Ministry will coordinate your fellowship with them.  This helps SHM place the right speaker or leader with the right ministry should an opportunity come forward.

This ministry is still building.  The current structure is as follows:


Executive Director

Apostle Kelvin Pendleton

God's Grace Ministries





SE President



SW President



NE President



NW President






Shepherd's Heart International R2 Director 

Bishop Simon Mac'Oyongo

Present Truth Ministries, Eldoret Kenya

Training Staff

Apostleship Coordinator
Prophetic Coordinator
Evangelistic Coordinator
Teaching Coordinator
Pastoral Coordinator
Deacon Coordinator
Missionary Coordinator
Hospital/Healing Coordinator
Prison Coordinator

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